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Riess Iron - Chestnut pan

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We produce iron pans since 1550. Iron pans are particularly suitable for gas stoves and open fires.

Once the Riess iron pan reaches temperatures above 140 ° C, it seals the food on the surface as the natural juice of the food caramelizes (the Maillard reaction). The forming crust keeps moisture from evaporating. Thus, the food is brown and crispy on the surface and remains tender and juicy in the middle. Perfect for frying meat and potatoes as well as for making crunchy crêpes and omelettes. Please note that the Riess iron pan must be baked before first use.

Through the perforated bottom of the chestnut pan the heat, for example, the embers are perfectly distributed and the chestnuts can develop their distinctive aroma.

  • Material: iron
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • For searing, grilling, tanning

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32 cm