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Riess Iron - Chestnut pan

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We have been producing iron pans since 1550. Iron pans are particularly suitable for gas stoves and open fires.

With the chestnut pan made of iron, chestnuts (sweet chestnuts) can be roasted easily on an open fire but also on any stove (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction).

The chestnut pan has a perforated bottom so that the heat comes directly to the chestnuts and they become crispy.

  • Material: iron
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • For searing, grilling, tanning
  • diameter: 31 cm

This is how chestnuts are fried in the RIESS chestnut pan: Score the chestnuts crosswise on the bulbous side with a sharp knife or chestnut cutter. Roast with the cut side up in the chestnut pan on the stove or over an open fire for about 15-20 minutes over high heat. Always shake up something in between.

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