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Riess special decor - FLORA - egg pan 20 cm.

Riess special decor - FLORA - egg pan 20 cm.

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This high-quality egg pan with handles by Riess made of enamel has a diameter of 20 cm and has a total width of 26 cm.

Omelet(s), scrambled egg, egg dish, fried egg: for these egg dishes and many more, our egg pan is just right. It is the right size for omelets and other egg dishes.

The iron core of the enamel distributes the heat at the bottom of the pan optimally and quickly, so that the heat can be quickly throttled, because egg dishes do not tolerate too high temperatures. And once the eggs are fried, they can also be cut in the pan with a knife, because enamel is cut and scratch resistant. The egg pan with the two handles is suitable as a serving pan, from which can also be eaten, because enamel is scratch and cut resistant.

The floral decor from Riess is reminiscent of a summer flower meadow and is well combined with the Classic White - series

The enamel material guarantees fast heating of the food on all cooking surfaces (incl. induction) and is easy to clean (also in the dishwasher). Particularly gentle and healthy cooking thanks to antibacterial and anti-allergic properties of enamel.

For the care and gentle cleaning of enamel cookware, enameled surfaces and glass ceramic hobs, we recommend the enamel cleaner.

  • Easy cleaning
  • hygienic
  • cut and scratch resistant
  • tasteless
  • dishwasher safe
  • universal suitability for cooking: induction, glass ceramic, electric stove, gas stove, frying tube
  • height: 4,0 cm
  • diameter: 20,0 cm
  • bottom diameter: 16,0 cm
  • Total width with handles: 26 cm
  • Material: enamelware with beaded or stainless pouring rim


To fry eggs in the enamel pan it needs butter or oil, but not too high temperatures, it is best to do the test by putting a drop of the egg mixture in the omelet pan. It should not contract immediately, because then the pan is too hot. If nothing happens, the pan is too cold. Only when the drop slightly fuses, the pan has the optimum temperature. Now pour in the entire mass, reduce the heat a little, as enamel retains heat and wait until the omelet separates easily from the bottom of the pan, only now turn the omelet.

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