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Riess special decor - FLORA - high casserole with lid

Riess special decor - FLORA - high casserole with lid

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The high casserole has the classic straight shape and two enamel handles.

The lids of the saucepans lie well on the saucepan and function as energy monitors: As soon as the saucepan lid starts to rattle, it is time to reduce the heat and thus save electricity. Depending on the cooker, it can be switched off completely approx. 5 minutes before the end of cooking, as enamel stores the heat for a long time.

We therefore warmly recommend using pot holders to lift the saucepans and lids, as the enamel handles also retain heat. The advantage of the enamel handles, however, is that you can safely slide the pot into the oven to keep it warm.

The edge of the saucepan has a robust chrome rim.

The floral décor by Riess is reminiscent of a summer meadow of flowers and can be combined well with the Classic White series.

The enamel material guarantees quick heating of the food on all hotplates (including induction) and is easy to clean (even in the dishwasher). Particularly gentle and healthy cooking thanks to the antibacterial and antiallergic properties of enamel. For the care and gentle cleaning of enamel cookware, enamelled surfaces and glass ceramic hobs, we recommend the enamel cleaner.

  • Easy cleaning
  • hygienic
  • Robust chrome rim
  • cut and scratch resistant
  • tasteless
  • dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction, open fire)
  • Material: enamel crockery with flange or stainless pouring rim

Available in the following variants:

  • Diameter: 14.0 cm, height: 15.5 cm, volume: 1.00 L
  • Diameter: 16.0 cm, height: 15.5 cm, volume: 1.50 L
  • Diameter: 18.0 cm, height: 17.2 cm, volume: 2.50 L
  • Diameter: 20.0 cm, height: 18.2 cm, volume: 3.50 L
  • Diameter: 22.0 cm, height: 18.2 cm, volume: 4.50 L

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