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Riess TRUEHOMEWARE - Kitchenmanagement - Enamel storage boxes - 2250 ml

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Truehomeware - enamels brought in our time.

The design studio dottings developed for us cooking pots and storage containers in clear, timelessly modern
Shapes and strong colors. For people who demand sustainable aesthetics for kitchen and table.

Enamel storage boxes with ash wood cover "Kitchenmanagement". They are stackable and provide aromaneutral & light-protected storage. Multiple award-winning.

The practical „Manager“ is not just a useful kitchen container for teas, spices, cereal, or crackers, but also for utensils in the bathroom and desktop accessories. The colourful cans can be repeatedly written and rewritten on – such as with the fill date, expiration date, or preparation instructions – using a conventional pen or wax crayons and washed in the dishwasher.

  • Easy cleaning
  • tasteless
  • cut and scratch resistant
  • from natural resources
  • Recommended for nickel allergy
  • Material: Premium enamel storage box with ash wood lid

Additional product information

Ø Durchmesser
13 cm
Item number
2250 ml
18 cm