All about enamel

Here you will find all the information you need about Riess enamel, from production to the sustainability of the product for nature. We also explain how to treat and care for the enamel correctly.


Enamel has been favoured for kitchenware since the end of the 19th century thanks to its rustproof surface seal, high level of hygiene and ease of cleaning. At that time, a technological breakthrough was made in solidly combining the elements of glass and iron. Before that, enamel was popular in many cultures for jewellery and handicrafts. The first finds of enamel as grave goods in Mycenae are 3500 years old. Carl Peter Fabergé used enamel to decorate his famous Easter eggs made of precious materials, which he produced for the Russian tsars between 1885 and 1917.

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Premium enamel handmade in Austria

Behind every product made of RIESS premium enamel are up to 40 work steps. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and is an original. The handcrafted nature of enamelling is reflected in a number of typical features, that enamelled products have. These make up the incomparable charm of a RIESS original.

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Use & Care

Here we have collected all the tips on use and care by topic so that you can enjoy your RIESS enamel cookware for a long time to come.

In addition to instructions for use, "How to RIESS" videos show how to cook, fry and bake properly with RIESS enamel cookware and what to consider when using and caring for it.

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"Crockery made from natural raw materials, produced in a climate-neutral way in a family business that is firmly rooted in the region - that's what we stand for!"

Friedrich Riess

Ecological vision and social responsibility

The manufactory is powered by green electricity from the hydroelectric power plants on the Ybbs, which have been generating electricity since 1926, making production CO2-neutral. The waste heat from the kiln is used to dry the products and heat the production hall in an energy-efficient manner.

When selecting raw material suppliers, in addition to quality and sustainable production, attention is paid to short transport routes and environmentally friendly means of transport such as rail and ship. This strengthens the region and protects the environment.

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