Sustainable thinking since generations

“Cookware made from natural raw materials, produced in a climate-neutral way

at a regional family-run business, that’s what we stand for.”

Friedrich Riess

Ecological vision and social responsibility

The manufacturing process is powered by green energy from the three hydroelectric power plants along the Ybbs river, which have provided electricity generation since 1926. The extra power is fed into the natural electricity grid, making production a CO2 neutral process.

In the selection of our raw material providers, we take short transport routes and environmentally-friendly means of transport such as trains and ships into account alongside quality. This strengthens the region and protects the environment.
Many manual work steps must be taken by the Riess team before a piece of distinctive enamelware leaves the production site. The team’s passion for quality has its roots in the company’s social commitment.

Riess has been reporting since 2008

Riess thinks long-term and does not want to harm nature with his production. For Riess, sustainability is not a trend to jump on. Riess has been producing with its own hydropower since 1926. Since 2008, the company has regularly reported on its efforts to conserve resources and produce long-lasting enamel products for healthy cooking. In addition to CO2-neutral production using our own hydropower, attempts are also being made in other areas to conserve all resources and optimize their use. All of these measures can be read in detail in the Riess sustainability report. In addition, the company has regularly undergone the strict, three-stage certification process of the international, independent and independent organization Green Brands since 2013. The seal is an EU-wide protected guarantee seal for ecologically sustainable brands.

Deep rooted in the region

„We have been manufacturing in Ybbsitz since 1550, so the region is very dear to us.“ Friedrich Riess

The firm is an old-established business in the mar- ket town of Ybbsitz. With a workforce of more than 100, RIESS KELOMAT is an important em- ployer in the region. Up to 48% of employees are drawn from the local community.

Well-trained employees are the lifeblood of a healthy economy and the backbone of the com- pany. We are therefore dedicated to investing time and money in training young people and commit- ting ourselves to regional development projects.

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