Riess CLASSIC - COLOR RED - 3-part steamer. with glass lid and cooking insert 28/28

The casserole from Riess is equipped with a special spout for small openings without funnel eg. Baby bottles. Sensitive sauces & creams can be heated evenly wit


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Product number: 18172
Manufacturer: Riess
Manufacturer number: 0114-020
Product information "Riess CLASSIC - COLOR RED - 3-part steamer. with glass lid and cooking insert 28/28"

This three-part steamer cooks vegetables, pasta, fish or meat tenderly and gently thanks to the cooking insert with steam openings. Steam cooking means cooking in a way that preserves vitamins and nutrients. The hot steam prevents the ingredients from leaching or drying out. The food remains natural and is therefore more flavorful. You need less fat, salt and spices because the ingredients are preserved.

The versatile steamer is also useful for defrosting, warming up food or sterilizing objects.

The steamer has a square shape without a handle, making it very easy to store the steamer, even in kitchens with little storage space. The viewing glass lid enables the cooking process to be observed.

The material enamel consists of iron that has been fused with glass at high temperatures, i.e. from natural raw materials.

Our enamel cookware can be used on all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction and even over an open fire). Thanks to the iron core, the heat is quickly conducted and then stored: for sustainable, energy-saving cooking.

The pore-free, smooth glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. This is aroma-neutral and bacteria-inhibiting and also easy to clean. With proper use and proper care, enamel crockery is a long-term pleasure and retains its typical shine.

  • Three-part steamer made of red enamel
  • For steaming, cooking, defrosting, warming up, sterilizing
  • Square shape 28x28 cm
  • Color red
  • Wide grip edge 10 cm high
  • Sight glass cover
  • Cooking insert
  • Suitable for all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction, open fire)
  • For energy-saving cooking
  • Cut and scratch resistant
  • Bacteria-inhibiting and aroma-neutral
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • CO2-neutral made in Austria


Always keep the steam oven closed during the cooking process so that the steam does not escape but can condense on the lid. So everything stays juicy and tender and no energy is lost.

When opening the lid, always wear a glove-shaped pot holder to protect yourself from the hot steam

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