Riess COUNTRY - Polka-dot grey - Pot with crimp/drinking cup

Practical as a drinking cup, coffee mug is the Riess Pot with flare. It consists of high quality enamel.


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Product number: 39449
Manufacturer: Riess
Manufacturer number: 0221-067
Product information "Riess COUNTRY - Polka-dot grey - Pot with crimp/drinking cup"

Pot with crimp our drinking cup in the old enamel language. The edge of the cup is bent, which makes it pleasant to drink from it - this is the Bördelrand and therefore the name "pot with Bördel".

What matters the most: the pretty cups made of enamel warm cold fingers and preserve the pure taste of punch, mulled wine, tea, coffee or chocolate. This is ensured by the non-porous and bakery-resistant glass surface. The drinking cup has a comfortable side handle.

Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures, therefore it’s made from natural raw materials.
Our enamel cookware is suitable for use with all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic, induction and even open flame). Thanks to the iron core, the heat is conducted quickly and is then retained. This ensures sustainable, energy-efficient cooking.

The non-porous, smooth, glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene, as it’s flavour-neutral, prevents bacteria growth and is easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, our enamel cookware can provide years of cooking enjoyment and will maintain its characteristic glossy appearance.

You can also warm the drink in the cup directly on the stove, on induction and all types of stoves. However, it should be cooked with a small flame, because the diameter of the soil is very small. When heating milk, add some water in front of it to prevent it from burning.

For campsites or campsites, the drinking cup made of enamel is also the perfect, robust and warming companion.

  • Drinking cup made of enamel
  • Handle made of enamel
  • beaded
  • Content 3/8 liter
  • Design polka-dot grey
  • Suitable for all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic, induction, open flame)
  • For energy-efficient cooking
  • Cut and scratch-resistant
  • Prevents bacteria growth and is flavour-neutral
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • CO2-neutral production in Austria

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