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  • From a purchase value of 50 € free shipping within Germany

Riess Enamel Nouvelle – Enjoying new values

‘Keeping pace with the times’ has been our family’s recipe for success for generations. Innovative material qualities, trendy colours and fashionable designs represent a self-confident, modern lifestyle and innovation in the kitchen.


Riess - NOUVELLE - Verde Top 3000

The new colour, Verde, is reminiscent of moss-covered forest floors.
Cookware for all cookery enthusiasts, for whom vibrant colours, modern forms and high functionality are important.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Avorio Top 3000

Noble ivory in our top quality - for all those who need muted colors, modern forms and high functionality.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Aquamarin Top 3000

Elegant blue in our top quality – for all people, for whom muted colours, modern forms and high functionality are important.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Rosso Top 3000

Classic red brings elegance into a modern, open kitchen. A leading product with an extra strong, heat-storing steel base and glass lid.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Arctic White

The color Arctic white adapts to its surroundings and looks elegant and timeless in any environment.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Crystal Blue

Dream of the sea while in the kitchen. It’s not the on-trend kitchen colour of the year for nothing!

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Smaragd

Nouvelle, for those who love green. It’s great that enamelware is available in a variety of colours.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Corall

Coral red in the kitchen will make all fans of warm colours feel their hearts beat faster. Of course, with glass lid, as with all Nouvelle products.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Cappuccino

The milky brown tone is reminiscent of the Italian coffee variation and brings with his pots and pans holiday mood in the kitchen.

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Riess - NOUVELLE - Ceraglas pans

Colours bring cheerfulness into the kitchen and to cooking. Our ceraglass pans, with a fresh look and made from porcelain enamel that is natural through and through.

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