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Riess Enamel Country – The spice of life

Ybbsitz is located in the middle of the Mostviertel. That's why we love our down-to-earth, romantic enamel decorations. They arouse the longing for life in the countryside, for savory and natural dishes and smells.


Riess - COUNTRY - Dirndl

The Dirndl series awakens the longing for life in the countryside, for savory and natural dishes and smells. Here, the colorful look is combined with a stylish design.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Fruit Garden

Always harvest time. The own orchard in the kitchen.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Gmundner scattered flowers

For many years, the love of traditional decoration has combined us with Gmundner ceramics. The colorful scattered flowers can be combined well. Especially the beautiful farmers bowl.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Almliesel

"Moo", says the cow in the pasture and on our milk pots and pots.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Deer

The deer jumps, even on our enamel dishes. Not only popular with hunters. This series is available in the colors GREEN and RED.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Edelweiss

Edelweiss is always good on the mountain pasture. And also at home in the kitchen to remember the beautiful summer hikes while warming the milk.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Polka-dot grey

White enamel with noble gray dots: The classic dotted motif in gray looks fresh and light.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Polka-dot red

The Fifties are back", this time not in petticoat but in enamel with white dots on a red background.Perfectly combinable with our series Classic white or Classic Color red.

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Riess - COUNTRY - Deer Grey

The deer motif is more popular than ever and in the gray variant of the basic motif it looks particularly fresh and restrained and elegant. In this color, the deer also integrates well into the urban environment.

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